If you’ve made it to a lot of final tables, especially in live tournaments, then you probably have some experience with making payout deals. If you’re unfamiliar with the concept, a deal as it refers to a poker final table is when the players left in the game have a conversation and attempt to agree upon an amount that each of them will be paid if they all approve of the offer.

If a deal is struck, that normally means that the tournament will then be ended. Often these scenarios come up during final tables where the blinds and antes are sky-high and skill becomes much less of a factor in determining who finishes in the top positions. For more info visit: Web Casino Guide!

However, first you need to know how to decide whether or not a deal is the right course of action for your particular situation. Over on Cardplayer.com, blogger Andrew Brokos explains that there’s a really quick way to know immediately if you should even consider a deal, without doing any fancy calculations.

A good rule of thumb in live poker settings is to take the deals as a short stack rather than a big stack. Brokos explains: “Generally people will err on the side of flattening out the payouts, which benefits you when, as here, you figure to win less, but hurts you when you figure to win more. Then again, sometimes they are so desperate to make a deal that you can get them to give you more than you deserve, in which case it’s usually worth it to deal.”

Typically, inexperienced players that are just excited to be at a final table will be more apt to wanting to make a deal, which is a useful negotiating tool if they have a larger chip stack and you want to secure a higher stake of the payout for yourself. However, if the blinds and antes are still manageable and you think that you’ll simply be able to outplay them as the tournament wears on, then don’t sell yourself short by trying to take the quick way out.

As far as heads-up deals go, never offer or be willing to take just 50% of the prize pool if you have a 2-1 chip lead or better. You have the position of power here and the other player knows it, so stick to your guns and get as much of the payout as possible.

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