No matter which online casino you visit, free spins are option players are eager to receive. This is a popular zero-bet bonus. In other words, the casino allows you to spin the slot machine (or roulette wheel) for free, often several times. All winnings from these bonus rounds remain with you. But if you don’t win, you don’t lose anything. The game didn’t cost you a dime.

Free spins as a sign-up bonus

Casino websites have many registration bonuses. However, getting an interesting and really rewarding bonus usually requires a lot of effort or substantial financial resources. Of course, there are also easy and quick bonuses available. One such bonus is free spins. This is a very popular bonus that a player receives immediately after registering without paying anything. So it’s just a sign-up bonus.

Free spins on new slot machines

Casinos often also offer free spins as an ad for a new slot machine or other casino game. After all, how better to promote a new game or feature than by offering players a free trial. All the winnings you receive are real and you can keep them to yourself – it’s a free practice in free spins.

Free spins during the game

Another way to get free spins directly is to play a specific slot machine. However, the different bonuses are very different here. They often also depend on the rules of the slot machine you are currently playing. The most common way to get free spins is to get a specific combination of symbols (such as Wild). A nice bonus during these (played for free) free spins is the multiplication of all winnings offered. It can get a really tempting amount. However, it depends on the slot machine you are playing – many of them offer free spins and multiplication of winnings instead of a common jackpot.


So, if you want to save a little during the game, it is definitely useful to pay attention to the registration bonuses offered by the casino. Also, follow the new games offered during the year; this way you can get free spins even every week. Good luck and all of these free spins together can provide really enjoyable amounts.

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