Roulette,  roulette, and live roulette, as well as where to play for free and for real money.

How to spin the roulette wheel is just as important as choosing where to play this game, as there are currently an unprecedented number of variations of this game and many online casinos offering it. This guide will help you with everything related to roulette, including learning the basics of the game and finding a suitable casino.

The name of the casino board game “roulette” is derived from the word “roulette”, ie a small wheel. Participants place bets on numbers, colors – red or black – or on whether an odd or even number falls. The person who cuts the wheel in one direction and throws the winning ball in the other direction is called the dealer.

The roulette wheel has 37 coloreds, numbered pockets in roulette, also known as roulette, and 38 such pockets in roulette. The difference is the extra “00” pocket, which affects the benefits of the casino (below you will find more information about the benefits of casino in the game of roulette).

Types of bets

There are a large majority of types of bets in roulette games. The main difference is between internal rates and external rates.

Internal bets include bets on a single number (so-called Straight or Single), bets placed on two consecutive numbers (split), and other more complex and larger bets.

External bets usually give a better chance of winning, but lower winnings. External rates cover a wider range, such as numbers 1 to 18 or 19 to 36, all red pockets or all black, even or odd numbers, and so on.

Casino benefits

Roulette has become famous for its casino advantages – players are trying to overcome it. The advantage of the casino is the expected value – the average amount that a player loses in relation to each bet made. The benefits of a casino are affected by the number of pockets on the wheel; an extra pocket in roulette increases casino benefits from 2.7% to 5.26%.

Play roulette at online casinos

A good way to start playing roulette and deal with its various types and casino benefits are to play roulette at online casinos, especially those that offer roulette games for free.

Here you can find the vast majority of roulette games, including live roulette with real dealers in the following online casinos – they are all reliable and their number generators have been tested at random.

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