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Legal gambling is available in licensed land casinos located in larger in many cities there are also special points offering gambling in the form of legal slot machines. These points are run by the state-owned totalizator numerous casino games are also offered by the state-owned online casino, which is also run by totalizator casino games in the form of bookmakers are offered by numerous legal bookmakers who have received a special permit from the minister of finance. These are cash games where the win is decided by chance or a random algorithm.

The casino games include, for example roulette, slot machines, dice games and blackjack casino game. There is no gambling system that ensures winnings in casino games. There are serious penalties for organizing illegal gambling. Participation in such games is also punishable by law. You can read more about it here. In various casino games can be legally arranged via the internet, e.g. Sports betting, casino games (e.g. Slot machines) and number games (lotto). However, many of these games are subject to state monopoly, which means that they can be organized only by the state-owned by land-based casinos.

On the other hand, bookmaker companies operating via the internet may offer bookmakers’ bets. New, however, are gambling bets such as blackjack, poker and war. They consist in betting on the results of card games that are conducted live by a dealer who can be watched live on a computer or smartphone screen. To check what this type of legal gambling looks like. Although gambling is a form of entertainment and should be perceived by the online casino players themselves, they are also the subject of the online casino gambling industry, which is regulated by law.

This means that the principles of operation of entities organizing casino games, issues related to the implementation of their services, as well as those related to the rights and obligations of players, are strictly specified in the relevant legal acts. To make it easier for players to find information on specific aspects of what is prohibited and what is allowed and under what conditions, and to explain all the most important issues regarding gambling, we have prepared the following guide. An important issue is the fact that these games are conducted for cash or non-cash prizes, so in the case of, for example, poker with matches, the provisions of the gambling act do not apply.

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