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Although there are a great number of online casinos available to play today and have been for quite some time now, all of them seem to offer the same games to play yet none of them, until recently, offered the game baccarat. Baccarat is perhaps the oldest of all the casino games and is popular among high rollers in land based casinos but it was only recently that any of the online casinos thought about adding it to their menus of games. Now that many online casinos have added baccarat, it has become one of the more popular games played at online. This means that today, to even be considered as the best online casino 2016 an online casino will have to have baccarat among its list of games which can be played.

Although baccarat may be the oldest of all the popular casino games, there seemed to be very few people that know how the game is played or even how to make bets on it but this is now changing as it becomes popular with online players. Although there are now three variations of the game which can be played in different casinos, the basics are all the same and are easy to learn. An initial two cards are dealt to a player and the dealer and the idea is to get the cards to add up to as close to 9 as possible. Obviously it would be easy for the cards to add up to more than 9 but if the total is a 2 digit number, the first number is ignored, so 14 would become 4.

This means that a 10 or a picture card have a zero value in the count. If with the first 2 cards dealt a hand adds up to 8 or 9, it is considered to be a natural and winnings are paid but, it is more common that they do not and so a third card is dealt to each hand. Those are the rules and the player has no say as to whether or not the third card is dealt or not. The only decision a player has, is as to what bet to make and there is a choice of 3. A player can bet that the dealer will win, the player will win or that both hands will be equal, creating a tie. The odds are different for each bet made but the bet that offers the best odds is a tie as that seems to be a rare occasion.

As there are so many online casinos today, the competition between them is hot and so many of the online casinos tempt players to join their site instead of another, by offering joining bonuses. Although many of these tempting bonuses consist of free spins on one or other of their slot machines, some are credits which can be played on any of the games in the casino. Usually in order to receive these bonus credits you will have to make an initial deposit, there are casinos where you don’t even have to do that; just open an account.

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