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If you play the lottery, then you will like Keno – but there’s not much to influence the prediction and the outcome of the game. It depends how lucky you are!

Playing Online Keno

In Online Keno, always play from 3- 8 spots and maximize the amount of coins allowed. Before you attempt to play Keno, here are some useful tips that will give you a better chance of winning:-

The computer uses algorithms or systems to pick the numbers. This is what you do: place the numbers in patterns rather than spreading out throughout the board.

When Playing Keno in online casinos , REMEMBER the payouts and keep your winnings below the taxable amount.

Keep your numbers the same- the chances are you WILL win something. Even if you win $1, cash in and play again.

Playing the top two lines will increase your chances of cashing in. For example, pick 1,2,5,10,11 plus numbers of your choice. Vary your choices and it will hit at 5/7 and maybe 7/7 an hour!

Playing Keno online is the best way to familiarize you with the strategy of the game. If you’re feeling confident, take a trip one of the traditional casinos.

Before you even step inside a casino, decide how much you are willing to bet. It is best to know that this stage, otherwise you end up in the red – so you were warned!!

If you’re a serious player always, explore the different ways that the game is played online, at casinos, and at clubs, before gearing up to play. The reason you should do this to get an appreciation for different styles and to see the different payout schemes and selection choices.

Once you found a site which offers the best payouts and selection choice, sit down a few games and TAKE NOTE OF THE NUMBERS – that way you can take note of the numbers that haven’t appeared in the previous games. The idea is that those numbers will soon appear.

When you’re ready to play Keno, pick consecutive numbers, for example, 28, 29, 30, or 33, 34, 35. There is no scientific reason behind this – although the usual occurrence of the numbers somehow justifies this logic.

Regular Keno players found that playing the same list of numbers and play continuously over a over games has proven to be successful, as the same numbers come up continuously for hours, days or weeks on end!

However other players prefer to choose numbers that has come up recently, believing that there is something irregular about the selection process that prefers those numbers.

If you do become interested in playing Keno for hours on end, it is best to select a large number of spots. That way, you’re guaranteed to win something on each card – even if you’re losing money!

If you want to win life-changing money, you should play more spots on each card. If you get all the numbers on a card, the winnings are mind-blowing.

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