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Giving bank details over the internet frequently poses problems with identity fraud and theft. Unfortunately it is more common than some might think, and those who are unaware of the dangers leave themselves vulnerable to criminal activity. With online casinos, those wanting to play real money games will be using their bank details and perhaps personal details in order to play. The usual safer method would be to use Web Wallets if available; however, with the time that it takes for money to transfer into a bank account, people prefer instant access to their winnings. To be sure that the site you are using is genuine, keep an eye out for tell tale signs such as spelling mistakes, shoddy graphics etc.

Always avoid websites that offer big bonuses and winning odds that seem too good to be true; as the saying goes, they usually are!As with all passwords and personal information it is important that you don’t disclose the information to anyone, or leave passwords by your computer or stored in your iPhone or iPad. If you are using instant messaging while playing online casino, be wary of anyone trying to push for personal details. Be extra cautious of any links sent to you via instant messaging or email; these could be malicious or corrupt viruses that could cause damage to your computer, allowing the sender to control your computer remotely, or enabling them to gain access to your personal files. Similarly, be cautious of any websites that you are directed to by someone you don’t know.

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