Beginner Mistakes

Jun 14, 2019

One of the best ways to make money quickly at no limit Texas Holdem is to avoid the common poker beginner mistakes. Often, before poker players even learn the basics, their bankroll is wiped out from mistakes which are easily avoidable. The four biggest mistakes are playing too many hands before the flop, not being aggressive enough, having no strategy for table selection and not understanding bankroll management. Of all the mistakes that kill beginning poker players, poor bankroll management is the most devastating.

Bankroll Management is the main key

When deciding how much money you need to play at the beginner’s level, take the maximum buy in and multiply it by 20. If you are able to allocate $1000 to your bankroll, you should only be playing at the $50 no limit tables. The reason for this is that in order to be safe, you can lose 10 buy-ins’ and still be able to play at that level. If you do lose 10 buy-ins’, it is a sure sign that you need to readjust your strategy.

Once you have identified the problems with your game, you still have 10 buy-ins’ left to continue at that level. Many professional poker players who play at higher stakes require up to 100 buy in’s. Many beginners also go straight to tables which are far too expensive. Even at a $400 table, you can lose tens of thousands of dollars pretty quickly. If you’re a beginner, this is probably what will happen should you choose to play at this level.

Use a limited bankroll initially

The best bet for beginners is to start off with a limited bankroll under $1000, take on and learn to consistently beat the lower games before building their bankroll and moving up in stakes. While doing this, be mindful of other beginner poker mistakes.

Make sure you aren’t playing too many hands before the flop and if you find that you are bored while waiting for good hands to come along, you can always play more than one table. When you do get a hand, you must be aggressive with it. This ensures that you have two chances to win the pot by winning it when your opponent folds to your bet and by winning it when your hand is best.

Game selection covers a lot of mistakes

Last but not least, you must have a robust system for selecting only the games:  where you have an excellent chance to win a lot of money. At this stage, you are playing with a tight aggressive strategy. Therefore, you should be seeking games which are loose passive. There are many software programs which will scan the lobbies of your favourite poker room to find these games for you. Players who use such software programs are easily able to overcome beginner poker mistakes because they are finding the juiciest games with the best chance for profit. If you have your table selection right, you can still make a lot of mistakes and end up winning.

The action points are, in order of importance, make sure your bankroll management is right for your level of expertise, put in place a good system for finding the best games, play aggressively and be selective in the hands which you choose to play before the flop. If you incorporate all of these elements into your standard play, your chances of being a winner over the long term are excellent.

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