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The sides of the casino can be made in two variations wooden boards made of hardwood. They are perfectly polished and covered with a professional varnish that is resistant to constant mechanical stress. Softer bumpers covered with plastic, leather or vinyl. In the armrests or in the casino itself, there are boxes for chips. You can also put an ashtray in them for smoking players or put glasses, glasses. When choosing a casino , special attention is always paid to the cloth. The color can be any, it is not necessary to stop your choice only on green. You can choose the cloth in the color of the club’s interior, or vice versa, play in contrast.

The main thing in the cloth is its quality. Cloth can be made from natural materials as well as artificial fabrics. The base allows the cloth to perfectly stretch the casino , and thanks to a special impregnation, it is not afraid of spilled drinks or ashes from cigarettes. Good quality cloth will hold up to anything. If you choose a sports poker casino , it will be an oval with rounded edges. This table shape has been known to casino players, but it remains relevant in our time. How to choose a poker casino for your home if you like to play poker casino at home, you should also consider purchasing a table.

There is usually no markings on the cloth of such casino game. You can apply it yourself or buy the cloth with the desired gradation. It can be either removable or fixed, it is at your request. Usually cloth for home use is not as high quality and durable as for professional tables. But try to find a good option so that after several uses it does not have holes from cigarettes, stains from spilled drinks, etc. As for the size of the tables, they depend on the number of players the game of poker casino brings together completely different people at the same table.

Poker etiquette has long been developed and has been successfully applied to ensure that the game runs smoothly. It doesn’t matter if you play in a professional casino or poker room, these unwritten rules must be followed by everyone. If you won, behave with restraint. Of course, this rule only applies to casinos. Winning is a pleasant thing, but it is better to refrain from loud statements, demonstrating triumph and your own superiority. This will only cause negative emotions in other players. If the win was due to a successful combination, then such a player will be respected at the table anyway.

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