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I’ve written about playing slots for free but some readers have asked for some advice on whether or not they should play online slots for real money.  So today I want to tackle that topic.  Playing slot machines is fun and exciting and playing for real money does make the experience more exciting.  So, what should a player consider when playing for real money. First, did you know that you have a better chance of winning at slots when you play at an online casino than when you got to a casino?  It’s true.  Online slot games have payouts in the upper nineties as far as percentages go.

Online casinos have to compete for your money because if you don’t feel like you’re winning enough, another casino is just a mouse click away.  Also, online casino offer a wide variety of games that can be played for pennies or high stakes.  So no more searching for the game you like at the stakes you like, which is what often happens at a land-based or ship board casino.  Convenience, selection and great odds make playing slots online a great choice for slot fans. But did you know that slot machines have different pay out strategies? Even online. 

The easiest differences to spot are the progressives. These are slot machines that are linked together so that every player contributes a small percentage to a growing jackpot.  Winning that jackpot is often a life changing experience.  Other slot machines are designed to make more frequent small payouts to keep players spinning the reels.  Players who enjoy longer playing sessions often enjoy these slot games.  But there are other slot games that are designed to hold back the money so that when they do pay out, it’s in a size-able chunk.  Fewer wins but bigger wins are what draw in other players.  But the advantage of online slots is that you’re sure to find the best slot game for you whether you want to win often or win big.

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