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People think that Blackjack is an easy game but it is not. There are a lot of the things in this game it is not simply an ace and a face and making twenty one. And when you play it for sometimes you will come to know that this game requires skills and strategy to play good game.

The basic strategy is to get the twenty one because in this way you will get hold of the game, but if you do not have the twenty one you have to beat the dealer also. The cards that are dealt to you will determine what your hand value is. Any card that is not an ace, a face card or a ten is worth the face value of the card. So you worth point five when you have a five number with you.

There are two ways in which an ace can be used one way is as one and the other way is as eleven. A five with an ace would make your hand total either sixteen or six when you are dealt these two cards together. All tens and face cards are worth ten points, and ace and a card with a value of ten is a natural blackjack and automatically wins.

When the game begins the dealer dealing each player in a way that the two cards face up and the dealer will get one card face down and one card face up. And next move of the player will be determined by the card that is face up. If you are dealt a natural blackjack, and the dealer does not show an ace face up, you will be paid instantly.

If you are holding less than the twenty one, then you will have to make a decision and this is called game strategy where you take some very important decisions on the bases of prior judgments. It is a general hard code rule that when the dealer is showing a six face up you will never take a card. This is because most casinos will force the dealer to take another card and the odds of the dealer busting out, or making a hand that is worth more than twenty one.

If you have a small hand like a fifteen the dealer is holding a seven through ten and, you may want to take another card so that you get closer to twenty one. It is like that you are beat without taking a card.

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