If you do not know better, you’d think that counting cards is a skill that is reserved for the genius of the world or people with Rainman-like abilities. Who can also each card is dealt from a shoe, 4, 5, or 6 decks also remember and mentally calculate which cards remain to be shared? MIT Blackjack team could. But they are also a group of geniuses, hand-selected from a large group of intellectuals, of a famous university in attracting the best and brightest mathematicians from around the world. Among online casinos, blackjack is considered the most famous game.

Blackjack card counting

Counting cards in blackjack games is really not as difficult as it sounds. There are several methods used for counting cards and contrary to popular belief, none of it involves memorizing each dealt card. One of the simplest is the Hi-Lo method.

The Hi-Lo method

Like all cards, methods are the basis of this online game system is based on the fact that a deck/shoe with lots of high cards creates favorable conditions for the game player. The more pictures of the deck/shoe, the better the chance for the player to win because he is able to make more high hands and the dealer busts more often when he will be forced to hit. With the effective use of the Hi-Lo card counting method, the player is able to estimate how rich the remaining deck / shoe with high cards.

You do not need cards to remember

The best part is that there is no obligation to refrain from all cards. All you have to do is assign a value to each card, 1 for Twos, Threes, Fours, Fives, and Sixes; 0 for Sevens, Eights, and Nines, and -1 for every ten cards. This sounds simple, but it’s actually pretty hard to do when you are surrounded by distractions. And casinos, as we know, are environments filled with distractions. You talk to some other players, the dealer, waiting for staff, and have an abundance of visible sights and sounds for them to go.

How to practice counting cards

If your sum is zero after all cards have been dealt, you have done well. Share yourself now progressively faster and faster until the card sum becomes second nature. You will learn to better use it in busy environments and make your own yourself.

Betting on the basis of addiction

The following small part of the puzzle is working on the basis of addition. In simplistic terms, if your sum is high at the end of the shoe, increase your bet size. If the addition is very high (10 +), increase your bet size significantly. Conversely, a negative adding that there is little fun for you in the remaining cards.

Of course, the above is all theory and must be based on a few important considerations. Firstly, most rural casinos will kick you out when they see you working in a pattern. Second, counting in UK online casino is useless since any deal from a fully shuffled deck excludes the possibility of addition. The maps are completely random online casinos card counting shared so has no effect.

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