Many online casinos tell the player what their hand is, so it’s hard to miss a flush or mistake a pair for three. If we don’t have a hand or we don’t want to play with a low hand, we fold. Passionate players lose their ante bet and cumulative jackpot bet. If we decide to play, we do the so-called calling the dealer, i.e. We pay two more times the ante value on the bet box. This is the second exciting moment to play caribbean poker after the deal the dealer reveals his cards. Now it remains to be seen who won and how many.

If the dealer does not qualify, then no matter what we have in hand, we only get double the amount of the ante bet, and our caller bet is returned at the same value with no additional winnings. If the dealer does qualify for a call he has ak or higher then your cards are revealed to others of course in the caribbean live on the internet you can see them all the time and compared with the dealer cards. If you have a higher poker hand than the dealer, you will receive your call bet multiplied by a factor according to the casino’s paytable. You can read it always before starting the online casino game.

War is probably the simplest casino game you can play. The main and almost only rule bigger wins, lower loses – that’s it! If you are tired of playing poker with other players or you have already bet everything at the bookmaker and want to relax with something really mindless – the war will be perfect. Almost every online casino has this fast and uncomplicated game on offer, try your luck in a duel with the dealer. Although we already knew one of the dealer’s cards, it does not mean that we will win as much as our hand is worth according to. Payout tables.

The dealer’s cards must qualify for a call, i.e. The dealer must have at least an ace and a king or any other stronger hand – pair, two pair, etc. While the basic rules for playing for fun are simple, the online casino has more detailed rules for playing and betting on the game of war. The player and the dealer are dealt one card each. The one with the highest card wins. If the player and the dealer are dealt cards of the same size, the player may go to war or surrender. If the player decides to surrender, they forfeit half the amount staked.

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