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When we consider a casino, security is always in focus. We know what the different licenses mean and how to check that the license has not expired. We are not just looking at the offer a casino is willing to give you. We use our expertise to compare the offer with the terms and assess whether it is actually a good deal or not. When all the other things on the list are ticked, you can take a closer look at this with bonuses. All casinos offer welcome bonuses, but some bonus packages are better than others and we also look at the bonuses for already established players.

Today it is not uncommon to get 200% welcome bonus, for example, but what is a good reload bonus and which casinos have cashback bonuses. We list them for you, in addition to a number of other benefits such as free spins. But if the bonus is not as good as it sounds, then we will let you know. Many casinos send advertisements and offers aimed at players, and this makes it difficult to keep track. Our casino reviews make it much easier for you, and it can really pay off to read comments before accepting a welcome offer at a casino game.

Because even if the first offer you find seems tempting, there may be something better out there. Of course, you can create many player accounts at many different casinos, but if you find a really good casino, you actually do not need more than one account. It’s just a matter of finding the perfect casino for you. You are a unique player with unique needs, and only you can decide what is the perfect casino for you, but casino reviews can help you along the way. We investigate who are the providers of the games at the casino and which rtp the games offer.

We also look at the general range of games slot machines, table games and other games compared to other casinos, in addition to looking at whether the games are regularly updated with new games from the major game developers. Tip – never forget why you sign up for an online casino. It’s all about entertainment and gaming. Be aware that all casinos are different in key areas. If you like a particular game, find out who the game developer is and see if your casino works with them.

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