Our site certainly cannot miss an in-depth study dedicated to living casinos and live gaming, one of the latest real revolutions in digital gaming.

Are you looking for extra gear? Do you love digital gaming, but lack interaction every now and then? Are you a lover of traditional casinos and want to experience similar emotions at home or on your smartphone?

This guide, this new insight into the world of the best online casinos, will finally be able to tell you everything there is to know about live casinos and live gaming.

What is a Live Casino?

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The term “live casino” certainly defines itself, but explaining what the live game is that the best live casinos are able to offer their users is undoubtedly a more complex question to explain.

To begin with, it must be said that live casinos, compared to “normal” ones, have a fundamental difference from a technological point of view since they implement a technical “detail” that makes absolutely the difference in the context of the game: video streaming.

Also for this reason live casinos are more or less “new entries” in the world of online gaming because only in recent years has it been possible to achieve connection and streaming quality standards capable of achieving a much simpler type of vision in the theory that in its practical preparation: that is to bring online gaming to a higher level by shortening the distance between the experience of use that a player can encounter sitting in front of his computer (or mobile device) and the one he could experience if seated at a real green table in a real land-based casino.

This is precisely the meaning of the best live casinos and this is their revolution: they allow players to play online but virtually seated at a real table playing directed by a real dealer that whom they can see and interact.

And if you are wondering with which games this technology finds its perfect fulfillment, the answer is simple: with all those types that have made the history and fortune of casinos all over the world, and then even improved them.

Let’s talk about best sellers like:

  • Roulette
  • Blackjack
  • Baccarat
  • Texas Hold’em
  • and all major card games

What do we mean by “improving them”? The answer is once again simple: thanks to the resources provided by the web and all digital technologies, live casinos have had the opportunity to exponentially increase the offer inherent in these games by creating the most disparate variants of the same.

Today, in fact, all the titles we mentioned earlier are offered in live casinos both in the classic versions and through the most imaginative and technologically advanced variants possible, versions that implement digital technologies so well that they cannot actually be played in a casino. terrestrial: this feature, together with the most advanced experience of use in mono of online gaming, has sanctioned the absolute success of live casinos, which today are among the busiest and most loved sections on all portals of the game that offer them their users

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