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What was unthinkable ten years ago has become commonplace today almost everyone today has an internet-enabled smartphone or tablet, mobile data is affordable, connections are strong across the board and data transmission is getting faster and faster. Anyone who is connected to the internet can watch the exciting events at a live casino table on the high-resolution screen anytime, anywhere. The level of comfort is sky high, and it is not surprising that more than two thirds of modern online casino players mainly play mobile.

This is made possible by apps that are provided by the online casinos. There are native apps for download that have to be adapted to the respective operating system – i.e. Ios, android or windows. If you don’t want to mess around with it, you almost always have the popular option of using a web app. This is a mobile version of the normal online casino website that can be easily accessed via a browser. Nowadays, nothing stands in the way of playing and winning on the go. A strong advantage of the live casino: it is always open.

Online casinos and amusement arcades have always been places of entertainment and therefore tend to be open in the evenings and at night. Nowadays, however, players no longer have to adhere to these restrictive opening times: the live casinos can be used to win around the clock. You are entertained by a real person – they are often attractive young women who are also very nice to look at. On the train in the morning on the way to work, during the lunch break or on a cozy lunchtime – at any time of the day or night you will find live dealers who will play a few rounds of roulette or poker with you.

Live casino games compared to software-based games keyword interaction. In the live casino you don’t just play against a soulless computer program, you talk to real other people at a high level. The ability to interact with the live dealer makes all the difference. Jackpots slots and video poker – that may all be well and good, but for many players that was simply not enough, because the social atmosphere of a real casino visit was simply missing completely. Instead of being lonely while playing, the player now has the chance to sit almost directly at a real table in the live casino area.

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