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The complicated payment system also affected the limits. While today online casino players can top up their account with the lowest amount, then many casinos required at least several hundred zlotys to start. In addition, there were commissions that could appear both for the deposit as well as the withdrawal from the account. Usually, the first paycheck of the month was free, but the next one had to be paid for. The waiting time for the transfer of funds was often extended to 5-10 business days. It was only in the second decade of that many methods of making online express payments appeared.

Registration and verification process the first online casinos did not require the player to undergo the verification process. Consequently, the problem was a large number of minors using online casinos. In fact, it was enough to provide the number, which could be written down from the parents’ id. Some casinos did not even require it was enough to enter the date of birth and confirm that you are of legal age. The problem was quickly noticed, which resulted in the introduction of certain limitations. Our account could be blocked at any time, and the only way to unblock it was to verify the account.

Originally, the method of a telephone conversation was used, but sometimes, a scanned document had to be sent by post. The shortcomings of the first online casinos there were countless problems with such websites. Poor internet connections meant that players could be kicked out of the online casino game room at any time. This was especially troublesome during tournaments against other players. On top of that, there were various technical problems that the first online casinos had to deal with. Let’s add some archaic payment methods and restrictions on user verification and quick troubleshooting.

The online casino gambling industry coped well with these problems, as a result of which, even in the first decade of the 21st century, players could use modern and efficient online casinos. Back then, the choice in many countries was limited to a few of the most popular websites. Less competition meant worse welcome packages, although the promotions were always quite high. The development of online casinos over a quarter of a century the first official online casino was established in which means that this year is exactly the anniversary of online casino gambling.

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