Novice or initiated to online gambling, you have probably come across video poker games at least once during your scrolling. This is why our team has specially concocted the guide to the multiple variants of this entertainment. In general, video poker is played with a deck of 52 cards. At the start, the game deals a hand of 5 cards that you can manipulate as you wish to form a profitable combination. The process is always the same, but the rules differ for each video poker game.

Jacks or better : the title of this entertainment speaks for itself. You get rewards if your hand contains at least a pair of jacks. If you have a pair with a value lower than the jack, you lose of course. On the other hand, you win for pairs above the jack. Obviously, the jacks or better version remains the most popular with video poker players at

Aces and faces : based on jacks or better, this version focuses on rewarding hands on face cards and ace. Therefore, you win when at least one pair of jacks appears on the screen. Nevertheless, prices remain minimal with pairs, straights and flushes. On the other hand, the winnings are increased tenfold with a square of jacks, queens, kings or even aces. Naturally, the other combinations of 4 identical cards pay much less on aces and faces.

Deuces wild : the number 2 is in the spotlight on this variant of real money video poker games. Indeed, the 2 play the role of a joker during the deuces wild. Thus, this specific card has the possibility of replacing all the others during your games. If luck is on your side, you receive a very substantial sum with a square of 2, that is 4 cards of value equal to 2 out of 5. In the best case, all your cards are identical, which means that you have a poker hand.

Joker poker ou joker’s wild : like the deuces wild, this variant benefits from a joker. The number of cards available to the player is the only difference. Concretely, joker poker, also called joker’s wild requires the use of 53 cards instead of the usual 52. For the simple and good reason that there is an additional wild card. The latter acts as a joker along the game. If you understand the principles of jacks or better, this version should work like clockwork. For information, you touch a very important amount with a natural royal flush. But the rewards are even greater if the joker participates in this winning hand.

Multi-hand : obviously, you hold several hands at the same time by choosing the multi-hand option. This version of video poker is advantageous when you have missed a good straight or flush combination by a hair’s breadth. To do this, you keep the best cards from your initial hand and repeat the sequence with new draws. This way you are handling about 5 or more hands at the same time with a huge chance of success. Small flat, you are obliged to place an equivalent bet for each of these hands. Result, you lose big in case of bad luck. Otherwise, you will be generously rewarded.

Double down : Slightly less popular than the other variations, the double down is still going strong. In summary, the player is faced with the double or quit dilemma after generating prizes. To do this, the video poker game draws 5 cards and reveals only the first. The player must then select a higher value card from the 4 face down cards to double the deal. Otherwise, he is deprived of all his money. Fortunately, the player preserves his precious asset in the event of a tie.

In short, the instructions change for all these versions inspired by jacks or better. Therefore, you must adopt the reflex of consulting the payout tables before indulging in a game of video poker. Especially since the winning combinations often vary from one online casino to another for a single model. In the end, it is better to warm up with a free video poker to master the corresponding rules.

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