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Transport yourself to the online casino scenes of any James Bond movie, and sure enough you’re bound to find our favorite agent and at least one of his nemeses challenging their luck against the dice at a craps table.  You can also enjoy the thrill of playing craps, online and from the comfort of your home. To participate, you will need to know the basic rules of the game.

To begin with, you should know that craps is a game of dice – this means luck has everything to do with it, keeping you on the edge of your seat … and then some! In this game, the person rolling the pair of dice is known as the shooter. The shooter, who chooses two out of five dice to roll, must place a bet. His two choices: on the “pass” line or the “don’t pass” line. In this way, the shooter bets on the outcome of the round. The dice moves clockwise around the craps table, allowing each player, in turn, to become the shooter.

Initial “come-out” rolls made by the shooter that include a two, three or a twelve are known as “craps” or “crapping out”. In such cases, those players that placed their wages on the “pass line” lose. Alternatively, those who placed their bets on the pass line win if the come-out rolls equal seven or eleven; these are also known as “naturals”. Point numbers, which include four, five, six, eight, nine and ten, are more complicated. The value of a point number that is rolled on the come-out roll has to be re-rolled before a seven shows up for the pass line to win. 

However, for a shooter who shoots a seven prior to the point number, then the pass line is defeated and the next shooter in line is allowed to roll. You don’t have to be a shooter to participate in a game of craps. Indeed, all are welcome to make a bet on the outcomes, which is obviously important when you are playing online craps!  Try to play online casino games like blackjack, slots, baccarat and many more.

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