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Before anything else, let’s make a basic comparison between tight slots and loose slots. Tight slots are said to be the slot machines that almost never let the players win. On the contrary, loose slots or fruit machines are those slots that are just waiting to be played to give out the jackpot to the lucky winner. It’s important to know the difference between the two to determine where they are located in casinos. It’s but natural to look for loose slots when we gamble. The truth is, depending on the casino where we play, there might actually be more tight slots than fruit machines so it’s best to take a step back and figure out which slots are great for winning.

A player will usually find tight slots near the casino entrance. As soon as players enter the online casino , they’re all too eager to play and often don’t bother to look around at the slots in the casino. They jump at the very first slot machine they see and these are the ones closest to the entrance. One might think that it’s logical to put loose slots near the entrance but if the casinos did this, then everyone else will just stay near the front and miss out on all the other games that they offer.

Another location where the gambler will find tight slots is near the sports betting area. Casinos encourage sports betting and if those betting were frequently distracted by the sound of someone winning in slots, then they would be more than willing to drop everything and head to the nearest slot machine. The sports book area is the best place to find tight slots because they are supposed to make sure that the people betting on sports remain focused and are not tempted to try out the slots.

Aside from slot machines, there would be gaming tables in the casino. Not everybody likes playing slots. For those who would rather go for the table games, there’s no point in the casino placing slots near them, more so loose slots. For those who love playing slots, they will usually find tight slots near the game tables.Knowing where to find tight slots is not a hundred percent guaranty that the player will win when playing slots but they might increase the chances of winning. Knowing where the fruit machines are could spell the difference between enjoying and winning, and just enjoying.

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