Free Action Games

Free action games evolved from action movies, featuring “good guys”, “bad guys” and a hero. The popularity of famous Hollywood superstars gave a boost to creators of free action games. The action, the rush and the possibility for everyone to be a hero, pushed free action games on top of most popular free games genre. The whole story of a free action game is developing around the main figure, the hero of the game – you. The hero usually has an arsenal of different weapons on his disposal and masters at least one martial art of combat.

It would be literally impossible to explain in details all categories and sub-categories of free action games, while the goal of all those games stays the same: fight, defeat, kill and win. The modern broadband connections made it possible to play multiplayer arcade action games with people all round the globe. This again gave additional motivation to game developers to produce more and more creative and advanced free action games.

Action games count for games with the most intensive adrenaline boost among all games. Player is limited with time, operates with limited resources and literally fights for his life. Free action games are also highly addictive form of entertainment. Many people spend days in front of computer playing against computer or in an online action game tournament. Multiplayer online war gaming tournaments even became such a world wide spread phenomenon; companies invest millions of dollars to attract that specific target group of consumers. Action game market is growing with astonishing rates and all predictions show it will continue to grow far into the future.

Needless to say most popular action games are all kind of war games. They require good tactical skills, concentration and a substantial sense for orientation. The pioneers of modern war action games were developers of Warcraft. Still today they represent a benchmark for all new action games which try to conquer the market.

Something about the word free for action games!
All free action games you find on our site are free, were free and will stay absolutely free. But that does not mean we do not make any money out of them. It just means you get to your game and enjoy it for free. Namely each game you download with us contains an option to set the starting page of your browser to our site with a fresh joke each day. Now you have a free action game and a free joke each day. Twice the fun isn’t it!