Free Arcade Games

Free arcade games won over the web with their small size, which makes them very easy to download even on dial up connection, and with their easy to learn controllers, which makes them easy to learn and fun to play. Free arcade games origin from coin-operated machines. By far the most popular coin-operated game is pinball. So the word arcade found its place among free software games producers as well. The key difference between classical arcade game and the PC arcade game is in the technology. Classical arcade games are self-standing or wall mounted coin-operated machines. PC arcade games are just a piece of software and the machine (PC) is provided by the user himself.

Free arcade games are nowadays used almost exclusively to describe small software games, featuring simple graphic, limited arsenal of weapons and modest sound effects. Not quite true! This might be the case of those first arcade games from 1980, but free arcade games of today offer some pretty astonishing graphic as well as sound and the number of different levels. The future of free PC arcade games looks even brighter, as the word arcade slowly looses its original meaning and reaches far into the field of advanced multiplayer action games, with excellent graphic and satisfactory sound support.

So what makes arcade PC games so different from other computer games?
Free arcade games in relation to PC computer games have relatively short levels. Usually the gamer reaches his peak of action before 10 minutes of playing, which makes free arcade games a perfect choice for a quick adrenaline rush. All in all, arcade games take no more than 15 minutes to complete a level.

Free arcade games have extremely easy to learn controllers. It usually takes no more than three or four keystrokes to bring your arcade hire to beat its opponent with all the tricks available. Exactly this feature became praised by occasional players. They want to play a game now, and not in 2 days after figuring out how to move the action figure.

Third characteristic of free arcade games is a short storyline. The player intuitively knows what the object of the game is. Arcade games cry for a quick, intensive entertainment.

What makes arcade games on this site so special?
All free arcade games presented on this site are firstly 100% free, and have all been played by editors of this site. So if a game sucks, we will tell you, or even better, we will not publish it at all. Secondly, with each free arcade game you download, you get a free special funny joke each day. You have great fun playing our free arcade games and have some really laud laughs. Enjoy !