Free Jigsaw Puzzles

Free jigsaw puzzles have much in common with free puzzle games which are explained in details under the category: free puzzle games. The origins of jigsaw puzzles are much younger than origins of puzzle games. The word jigsaw comes from the process in which those first commercialized jigsaw puzzle games were produced. Production itself seems to be quite simple. A picture is painted on a wooden board and afterwards small, irregular shaped small pieces were sawed out with a jigsaw. Aha there is where a saw pops out. Of course it has nothing to do with today’s free jigsaw puzzles computer games. So the first jigsaw puzzles for commercial usage were produced back in 1760. Today classical jigsaw puzzles are produced of a cardboard, fully industrialized. No jigsaws there as well.

A typical representative of a free jigsaw puzzle game is any kind of photo which has to be put together using hundreds of small oddly shaped pieces. And a typical representative of a free puzzle game would be for example Tetris. The only real separator between the two genres it the shape of pieces one has to deal with. Puzzle games involve straight line or basic shaped pieces that have to be brought to a certain position and free jigsaw puzzles involve really strange pieces which are not that easy to put in the right place.

From user’s experience point of view the biggest gap between two is in the final goal of the assignment. All the fun and excitement with free jigsaw games is in the process of assembling. The final picture, or a model in case of 3d jigsaw puzzles, is more or less a kind of bonus for all the work done. With free puzzle games the end result is what it counts and the effort to get there is usually subordinated to the final goal of winning.

Free jigsaw games are for all that enjoy the process of playing, for all that love to construct things and are motivated by small steps forward. Our own personal experience playing free jigsaw games on this site is, that anything else than a classical jigsaw game converted into a PC game works distractive and somehow kills the excitement of constructing the final picture. Of course there are special features that make free PC jigsaw games much more attractive than sitting in your living room alone and assembling those cardboard puzzles. But there is a thin line between added value of a software feature and a disturbed experience of a jigsaw game.

We made it sure to pick out only those free jigsaw puzzles, that haven’t crossed that line and make a fantastic choice for our visitors.

Jig jig jig them together and enjoy our selection of best free jigsaw puzzles!