Free Mahjong Games

Free Mahjong games are traditional Chinese games. In their modern PC version there are many versions of this popular game to enjoy. The original Chinese mahjong game is played with sixteen or thirteen tiles. To picture the popularity of free mahjongg games, in Asia the popularity of this game is leveled with popularity of casino games in general.

Mahjong games are one of rare ancient games whose inventor is thought to be known. World’s greatest ancient philosopher Confucius, who lived around 600 BC, is believed to have invented the first mahjong game.

To clear up with possible confusion, there is couple of commonly accepted expression to describe free Mahjong games: free mahjong games, free mahjongg games, free majiang games, free mah-jong games or free mah-jongg games. At free mahjong games we obviously use the first term to describe them all.

The modern versions of Mahjong pc games have little in common with the traditional Mahjong games usually played in four. Since 1930 when Mahjong games really took over the United States of America, this game experienced extreme transformation in terms of versions, rules, objectives, number of players… It could be said the only real similarity to traditional mahjong games are still dominating Chinese signs on tiles.

Another characteristic of free Mahjong games are tiles which have to be combined in a specific way to win points. Free Mahjong games stayed popular within the internet community because of many new versions which are coming to the surface daily. This keeps it as addictive as hundreds and hundreds of different free mahjong games surely find their followers with a specific theme, color or advanced graphical and animation features.

Initially 2d game developed into most unbelievable 3d versions of free mahjongg games with special effect and sound support. Though too many special effect tend to disturb the feeling of tradition and the original purpose of the game which is simply having fun.

Free Mahjong games conquered the modern world with their simplicity and plenty of room to deliver new creative ideas to old game concepts. Basically free Mahjong games need no more than substantial amount of luck and some strategy skills to win. After a long and exhausting day one easy going beautiful free mahjong game can do wonders to ones general feeling. Free mahjong games have almost therapeutic effect on people, the adrenalin flush is moderate and that makes them absolutely great to play.

We tried hard to present crème de la crème of free Mahjong games for you to enjoy!