Free Puzzle Games

Free Puzzle games are usually referred to as an entertainment. Though few really know that puzzle like assignments represent an important role in human brain research and in discovering the limits of human intelligence. The primary goal of free puzzle games is not killing time; it is finding the right solution among limited options and doing it as fast as possible. Puzzle games require mental capacity to solve mathematical and logical problems.

Free puzzle games for download on this site are a colorful bunch of different puzzle layouts. There is one basic difference between classical, table-top cardboard puzzle game and a free puzzle game you can download as software. Classical cardboard jigsaw games are light-years behind free puzzle games we keep in our collection: we have 3d games, puzzle-tetris animated games, arcade free puzzle games and more. There really are no limits to what you imagine under free puzzle games.

For all of those who like to widen their perspective, here is little history background relying to free puzzle games. The origins of this enigmatic game reach far into early days of human culture. First puzzle games, if we can call them, were simple assignments of making a whole from many different pieces. Usually that meant something went broke and people tried to put it back together. Puzzle like experience is also extremely important for children. It challenges young brain to develop mathematical and social skills to be able to solve different problems later on in their life as grownups.
Puzzle as a word comes from an English word “puzzled” which means as much as facing a problem, facing an enigma, a challenge. But puzzle like assignments were and still are as old as humanity. Puzzle games are understood as the primary component of each game on the planet. And their extreme popularity can be ascribed to the proverbial human instinct: the need to explore.

It is justified to say, puzzle games were and are the cornerstone of human evolution.

What about Free puzzle games?
Free puzzle games are a product of modern Information Technology. Though you may think there is no such thing as a free game, there is. Sites like our can continue to offer free puzzle games as long as you agree to change your start page to a page with free daily joke. So do not be afraid when installing the game, you will get a great start page and have a great laugh each day. Nothing bad there now is it?