Free racing games are the most popular games among the male population. Regardless if a player is a kid, a man, or a grandpa. Free racing games simply nail you on your PC and will not let you go till your eyes become sorely tired. Free racing games are one of those PC games that really make you step into a completely new world, a dimension of its own, forgetting all that surrounds you and just having tons of fun.

There are no tactical skills required, no special knowledge, and not even training of more than a minute or two is required to be able to match the best. Free arcade racing games are a total hit since the first ones were brought to daylight in 1970. The transformation from arcade machines, coin-operated, to video games and PC games, has been more than a success. Today free racing games are so beloved, and so searched for, that there are hundreds of new free racing games being produced each week. People just have too much fun for the industry to let them thirsty. Usually, a total of three keystrokes is needed to be able to reach for the best results. One keystroke is for operating the gas pedal, one for brakes and one for steering the wheels left, one for steering them right.

Seems easy enough to leave all behind and just go ahead and race some laps. Nevertheless the flood of thousands new free racing games and racing arcade games makes it hard to pick out just the ones that are truly good. You came to a right place. The free racing games site presents you the best of free racing games momentarily available for free download. They have all been checked, played for hours and strictly scrutinized to make it on our chart of the best of free racing games out there.

Expect to find the best arcade graphic for the free racing game of your choice, best sound support, storyline and number of courses. Let them be free racing games with on a professional course or a wacky race game with silly racers and funny cars racing through fields. Each version from free racing games has to be really good to find its place on our site.

Get ready to smell some virtual gasoline, prepare to burn out some virtual tires and get ready to leave your competitors back away in the tornados of your dust!

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