Carsurfing Lion

Carsurfing Lion Ever wanted to stay on the roof of a racing car and try to balance it through those sharp curves? I bet you did! But unfortunately those kind of stupid ideas are prevented by law.

Makes sense as you could easily break your bones. But that is why you have a Carsurfing lion free downloadable racing game. Here you can experience for the first time how hard it is to keep your balance on top of a car speeding through those difficult curves. Your objective is to balance the lion in order to stay on the roof of a car. Falling down does not get you any points, not to mention the humiliation.

Seems hard, doesn’t it? This free downloadable game is even trickier than you think. There are lots of hidden hurdles that will kick you down and lots of unexpected surprises that can cost your life. It is up to you to try it out. The lion is waiting for you.

FREE DOWNLOAD: Carsurfing Lion