Free Strategy Games

Free strategy games bring exactly the thing you want: pure strategy. Many people would argue what a full-blooded strategy game really is. It is true that any modern game has one or the other kind of strategic assignment so fulfill. But we checked thousands of free strategy games, played them all to find out which would best suit the description of a real strategic game.

What can you expect from free strategic games downloadable on our website? You can expect having to think hard! There are free strategic games that require significant amount of healthy grey cells to help you out with different complex logical assignment hiding in the storyline of a free strategic game. You will have to think, you will have to cheat, to plan, to calculate, to foresee, to anticipate, do deceive,… logic and skills will be asked for.

A peak into the past will reveal us one of the first strategic games ever. Though is a classical board game in sense of layout, it is one of the best strategy games of all times. Old Egyptians in the era of great Pharaohs the chess was the game of kings. World’s most brilliant minds have proven that good skills at playing chess are a clear indicator of ones ability to make quick and right decisions. And those two abilities are well known to a modern psychology under the term: intelligence.

The evolution of information technology brought us virtual infrastructure that enables us to use computer based artificial intelligence to design and develop most intriguing strategy games of all kinds. Free strategy games for download on our website combine the need for strategic thinking with simple but extremely interesting assignments. It really is the place to put your brains to the limits and explore the boundaries of your creative ingenuity.

Do not be fooled by the simple layout or visually poor animations. Great strategists do not need tons of special effect to show their true capabilities. We have selected the jewels among free strategy games, which can be mastered only with concentration, focus and a clear mind.

Free strategy games are not looking for the beauty, they are looking for the brains. And we picked out only the best free strategy games, so you do not have to loose your precious nerves in searching for a true strategic challenge.

They are ready and they are waiting to be played by you – best free strategic games!