Precision Freak

Precision Freak If you search for a relaxing kind of game, than you could not be more WRONG as ending up playing the Precision freak free downloadable game. Sweat, precision, nervousness, excitement and anger.

All those feelings that you normally want to avoid in your daily life will surface playing this free exiting maze game. Though its graphics is from the prehistory of PC games, the objective of the game stays more than attractive.

What can be attractive in finding your way through a maze? Well, the end surely becomes attractive after seeing how much precision is needed to even make it through the first inch of the maze. You are not allowed to touch the maze walls and furthermore, there are some very unpleasant hurdles there which will kill you in a snap if you loose your temper. Precision freak free downloadable game is more than hard to play.

FREE DOWNLOAD: Precision Freak