You will have a greater sense of presence, as a live person will deal you cards live – it will give you a very equivalent feeling to what you would have if you were playing in a real casino.

It’s very convenient – the gaming experience will be similar to a traditional casino, but you will feel much more comfortable because you will be able to dress in your favorite clothes and settle in the most comfortable place.

Like all casino games today, live casinos are safe and fair. It would not be beneficial for them to lose their license by cheating. All games are also regularly tested by third-party testers, who have no interest in concealing any shortcomings. In any case, you can see that the dealers shuffle the real cards and remove the top cards each time they deal, which again emphasizes that there is no cheating. It is more interesting to play when a real person is playing against you, most often a handsome and smiling young person, moreover, you can even send him a message and the dealer will reply if he has time! There are also games with two dealers who will talk and joke with each other, creating even more fun and friendly atmosphere.

However, it’s also important to list a few things that might be a downside for someone:

A very good internet connection is important – you will still watch a live video in which it is very important to see every detail. If the speed of your internet connection is not good enough, there is a chance you will miss something and you will not be able to blame the game’s providers there, as they are likely to provide the best possible video transmission.

Game Speed ​​- A lot of players who are familiar with live casino games are bothered by the fact that the deal of cards seems to be slow because here you are playing with a dealer and several other players, even though you feel like you are in pairs because the other players are don’t see, just dealers. The dealer does not see you, only the name or pseudonym of each player. However, if you want to be seen during the game, you can use one of the streaming equipment and earn extra money if you think that it might be interesting for others to watch you play. In any case, you have to be very patient, and if you don’t have one, it’s definitely a good idea to choose games where you’re alone against the software.

Some casinos offer a free trial at the beginning of their game, be sure to take this opportunity to understand how the game is going and read the rules of the game

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