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With the advent of these websites, online blackjack has become one of the most popular around the world for a number of reasons. Next, we bring you a guide on 21 so you can learn everything there is to know about these games. If you can’t wait to play blackjack, then don’t worry, you could start doing it right now, as we offer you a great selection of titles completely free for you to enjoy from anywhere. We have partnered with a wide variety of recognized software providers in the igaming market to bring you a wide selection of online blackjack games to play at home.

The list of casino games has some classic titles that cannot be missing on any platform. Which are we have more than 40 different titles for you. Each one of them follows the same rules as always, so once you learn how to play one, you can do it in the rest. If any of these names catch your eye, just click on it at the top of this page and start having fun. You will not have to pay anything or register to be able to do it. These blackjack games have been selected by our experts with great care to ensure that our catalog is the best in all of with the exception of those found in casinos, obviously.

Have low limits so everyone can play. Suits most mobile devices. Count on high-quality graphics and sound. Follow the known rules of blackjack. It is obtained in the best casinos game. Is created by a licensed provider. You are free to try them all if you wish, just remember that the real fun doesn’t start until you place a real bet; to do this, choose one of our recommended casinos right now. They all have a recognized license we have written an extensive guide with the rules of blackjack so that you learn how to play perfectly, however, below, we are going to explain in a few steps everything you should know about 21.

The objective of blackjack, as with the rest of the rules, is the same regardless of the version you face. So stick this in your head: to win a round you need to get a better score than the dealer. It is a myth that you must get 21 points to succeed, it is enough that your hand score is better than the dealer’s, or that the dealer has exceeded the limit, which automatically translates into a loss. Numbers keep their value. For example, 3 is still worth 3. Aces can be worth 1 or 11 depending on the hand of the player or the dealer. The figures (j, q and k) are always worth 10 points each. Blackjack hands can be classified as soft or hard depending on whether they have an as or not: if you have an as, then it will be soft, while if you do not have it, then it will be hard.

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