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Slot machines are one of the easiest to play yet most complex to manufacture casino games that you will find in both online and regular live casinos. This article focuses specifically on how slot machines work and by the end you should have a solid understanding of the technical and mechanical structure and workings of popular casino slot machines. Originally when slot machines were first developed they relied heavily on gears and levers which would serve as the mechanisms to make the game run.

When the player pulled the lever on the side of the machine a series of gears would be set in motion which in turn would spin the reels and start the game. Winning payout combinations where determined by a series of notches in metal gears within the machine which corresponded with springs and tensions to determine the outcome of the reels.While this approach was used for the first few years of slot machines, the technology was quickly upgraded and today’s machines are nothing like their ancestors.

In present day all slot machines are completely electronic and make use of computer chips and random number generators to determine the outcome of each individual session. A random number generator is a piece of computer software that spits out numbers (usually between 0 and several hundred million) at a rate of 300 to 500 per second which can be used through a complex mathematical formula to determine how the reels on a slot machine will land.

Slots in live casinos and online casinos are almost identical in the way in which they operate save the fact that you can play from the comfort of your own home. When you press the spin button, a computer chip takes a series of numbers from the random number generator and runs them through a formula which determines how the reels for that session land.

Since the numbers taken from the random number generator are different every single time the formula is run, each spin or session is completely independent from the next and is therefore completely random.This is an important point to note as most slots players are superstitious and think that they can affect the outcome of the reels using certain strategies or tactics. In reality this is simply not the case and nothing you do (unless you are cheating) can hedge the odds in your favor.

In a technical sense, this is exactly how it works. Once the game is activated the program will take a set of numbers from the RNG. These are then stored in its memory and used to determine the position of the reels with the first number selected for the first reel, second for the second reel and so on.

To determine the exact position that the reels will stop at the formula takes the number from the RNG and divides it by a set value of 16, 32, 64, etc. The result of this division will leave a remainder value of between 0 and 127 of which there will be corresponding notches on the reels which will ultimately determine how each reel on the machine will land. Although this is not exactly how every single slot machine in the world functions, this should give you a good idea of how online slots work in determining the outcome of each gaming session.

In addition to the basic mechanics of slot machines, new slots also feature some interesting elements such as bonus rounds, wheels and other bonus features that are incorporated into game play. While the outcome of these games may not be determined in exactly the same way, they are still use the random number generator in conjunction with a computer program to determine bonus sessions.

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