Betting plays an integral part in poker as dictates the flow of the game. This is when the element of skill comes to play & when players would begin to bluff. The scope of poker is to maximize your winnings when you have good poker hands and minimize your losses when you have bad poker hands. Although, a great poker player will be able to bluff his way through on a bad hand & win by making other players fold. This comes with practice, players would make this judgment based on how high the raise of the player would be. You are able to scare a player away according to how you bet.

Before the cards are played, every player must put a contribution into the pot which is called an ‘ante’. The ante increases as the blinds increase. The amount you need to bet is referred to as the chip structure which is pretty much standard for each online poker game. What can be different is the buy-in amount, the number of chips being played & how often the blind will increase. The whole scop of this is to make players bet with higher amounts as the game progresses.

Each betting interval the player has the choice to ‘call’ by putting the same amount of chips as the player in the first position or ‘raise’ by putting in a higher number of chips. If a player is to call he must always match the highest number of chips on the table. In the first round, everyone must call in order to play. After the first round, the player has the option to ‘check’ where he can continue the round without putting in any chips. If the player does not want to continue playing for that round he can ‘fold’ and will lose any money put in the pot for that round. A player can always raise a bet on another player that has raised. In order for the betting round to end all the bets must be equal and the final player must call or check the bet in order to proceed to the next card. When all the betting intervals are played, and all five cards are on the deck, then the player with the best hand will win.

Try and bluff sometimes, if you raise the number of chips and no one calls then you will win the pot. Always take into consideration the number of chips that are on the table. If only 500 chips are on the table it would not be the smartest move to bet 6000 chips for such a low amount. You need to factor in the risk & probability of what can come out. There is always a bluffing element in poker. There could be instances where you have the best hand but you will decide to fold because of the way your opponent is placing bets. This is why Poker is so popular. You need to try to read the game and take a logical or risky decision based on your hand.

Every round there is a small blind which is half the betting amount required & a big blind which is the minimum bet that can be placed. Every round there is a player who is designated as the first better, a player who has the small blind & a player who has the big blind. This is shifted to the left after every round.

Position in Poker: The position of where the player is for each hand is very important as it dictates the flow of the game. The position is shifted towards the left side of the button every round to give every player a fair amount of time in each position. It refers to where you will be sitting in reference to other players. You need to be aware of what position you are in because this can give you an advantage or disadvantage for each round.

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