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If you are a fan of high risk but also of high odds, then the bold systems in roulette are for you. These systems offer the potential for great success. In bold roulette systems the player can place many different types of bets, always according to the rules of roulette casino game. To use any of these, the player must have a sufficiently large number of chips to have the opportunity to enjoy the game. The many chips offer the possibility of big bets in each round but also the possibility for someone to bet in many rounds until their prediction is verified.

In contrast to the more conservative systems such as e.g. Roulette system red – black , whenever there is a victory in such a system, the return of chips will be from large to huge. In daring systems the player must have the cellar and the. Stomach to cope with the intense emotions they offer. Each player can choose the bold system that suits him best either based on instinct or based on the trend of roulette . The pivot system got its name from the basketball terminology, where the pivot is the tall of the team, in which all players pass and let him score.

In this pivot roulette system is considered a number which, while you are at the table, appeared at least twice. It is automatically considered a favorable number and the player must bet on it 36 consecutive times, whether it occurs again or not. If luck actually favors this number the player can multiply his initial bet and win many chips during one session. Even if you have spent countless hours studying roulette, it is certain that there are some crazy stories that escape you. Casino web has collected 5 crazy stories from the world of roulette that are unknown to most and presents them.

When we talk about arcs on the roulette wheel, we are essentially referring to a specific area of the circular disk on which the numbers from 0 to 36 are located. This circular disk can be divided into several pieces (arcs). In their basic form, for example, we could split the disk into two arcs. These include 19 and 18 numbers respectively. The only condition for some numbers to belong to a specific arc is that they are continuous on the wheel. There are many players who think that in each session, specific areas of the wheel seem to be favored more.

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