After appearing in the ’70s, scratch cards became popular entertainment for many. What do you need to do? You need to buy an instant lottery ticket, scrape off the protective layer, and hope for a win! Each country regularly runs lotteries and draws big winnings. Your biggest benefit is that the result of the instant lottery is determined when the protective layer is scraped. On online casino sites, you can scratch the cover of your lottery ticket with the help of a computer mouse.


Despite the fact that the lottery has existed for a long time, this instant lottery originated relatively recently – in 1974, when two invented a special lottery ticket with a cover that can be scratched with a regular coin. The first instant lottery game appeared. In the same year, a Massachusetts instant lottery was held to raise funds for the local government. After that, the idea was taken over by other states and even countries. Later, this card protective layer technology was patented and is now used not only in gambling but also in banks and telecommunications companies.

The next wave of popularity for instant lottery came with the advent of online casinos in 2010. This made it easier because players did not have to leave the house to buy a ticket.

Why choose online instant lotteries?

The online casino version of the lottery is a little different from the real thing. In the online game, you can choose your bets, play whenever you have time and get a win immediately. For those who do not like to waste their time, an online instant lottery will be the right choice. Other players are also tempted by the fact that the game does not have cunning rules and complicated strategies.

Diversity of the game

How to play and win the lottery? Instant lottery tickets vary by manufacturer, theme, country, or prize amount. Often, the types of games can be based on other online casino games, such as slot machines or blackjack.

There is no strategy for instant lotteries, but check out some of our tips to increase your chances of winning.

Choose less popular tickets and avoid lotteries that have won big money recently.
Get to know the probability of winning. Usually, the most expensive tickets are more likely.
Purchase multiple tickets if required by the rules of the game

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