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Very few online casino games ever give you an edge over the house. Classic blackjack is one of the few games that can sometimes give you an advantage over the house. Learning card counting in blackjack will give you that edge. Nowadays, it has become rare to find a casino that uses a single deck, but if you manage to find such a game, this is one strategy that you can learn to increase your odds against the house. You cannot learn card counting if you do not know the basic strategy of blackjack. You must know its basic strategy first to learn to count cards.

There are two myths of card counting that you should avoid. Players need not memorize each card that has been dealt from the deck, and counting will not help the player deduce, in advance, what card will be dealt next. Card counting is never a predictive theory; it is merely a probability theory. A blackjack player should always come to the table prepared. Now let us talk about why card counting is important in the game of classic blackjack. The player can have an edge over the casino if he uses the right blackjack strategy, the system of card counting. Why? Because the low cards will be favorable to the dealer and the high cards would benefit the player.

Cards favoring one side will provide the winning edge, and this is the main reason why card counting works for the player, if he masters the system of card counting. The player has the option, if they want, to stand on a stiff hand, but the dealer cannot make that choice. This gives the player one advantage over the dealer. Standard rules of the blackjack game is that the dealer is required to hit his stiff; if the deck is rich with high cards, this will surely bust the dealer.

You don’t have to count, or memorize, the cards your opponents have, but rather know when their deck is poor, or rich, in high cards. The high cards will be favorable to the player holding them. If you manage to get an edge over the casino you should act on it immediately; you can do this by betting high. You should take advantage of the situation that favors you the most. Now you can see the benefit you can get from card counting. This will give you one edge over the casino. Knowing the system of card counting will change the way you plan, and play, the game.

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