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Online casinos have changed the way people regard gambling. Despite the fact that there has been a large scale ban on online casino transactions, yet industry experts believe that a new breed of players will emerge and online gambling will soon be back in business. When it comes to making payments online, they remain undeterred by the new legislation that makes it difficult for Americans to access money online and deposit it in gaming accounts. They have their own payment methods.

Apart from them, women too are showing up in large numbers at online casinos to play rather than hang on to their male partner’s arm. According to a 2002 study, women constituted about 60% of all casino online players, which means this is no longer a man’s world. The anonymity surrounding of online casino is a big advantage for women who want to play a serious game here.

There are also stories of men doubling up as women in order to profit from this veil of anonymity—something women do too.  According to statistics, one out of every six online poker players is a woman—a number that is only expected to rise. Women players who are not heterosexuals but just out to have some fun also enjoy a good game a the online casino, a fact borne out by the Ladies Only Player Forum which plays host to only women players.

Others hold Ladies Nights each week and give out fabulous bonus prizes to attract women players in large numbers.  If an online casino offers bingo games, the number of women playing only increases! According to a study conducted by the University of Dundee, women usually get on to online casinos in a bid to fight depression and other emotional problems. In addition, there could be many other reasons for women to enter online casino sites.

Perhaps they are lured into playing here because of the anonymity these sites offer of playing from home and from their own computers. Or it could be that they sit among a host of men who do not give them the respect of an equal. Or perhaps it is the leadership and entrepreneurial roles that women enjoy today that give them the financial freedom to indulge themselves in any way they like.

Whatever be the reason, it’s official now that women are going to be at online casinos for a long time to come. Perhaps this is because of the way this industry promotes its online casinos. If this is so, don’t be surprised to see sexy and sophisticated men on the landing pages of online casino sites with equally hot women, each one enticing new women players.

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