Blackjack rules vary slightly from region to region and casino to casino. For example, a downtown Vegas casino may have different rules than a casino in Reno or Tahoe, and he one of the casinos on the Vegas Strip. Freeport Bahamas casino rules may differ from those of casinos such as Atlantic City. That’s why it’s important to research the rules of the area/casino you plan to play in.


blackjack table sits the dealer one to his and seven of the players to his one. The first seat to the dealer’s left is called first base, and the first seat to the dealer’s right is called third base. The betting instructions are printed on the felt table in front of each player’s seat. The chip compartment is directly in front of the dealer. To the left of the dealer is a deck or shoe and next to it is a minimum wager sign that must be read before sitting down to play.

Immediately to the right of the dealer is the money drop slot where all currency and chips (chips) are deposited. Next to the drop online slot is a storage compartment. The game begins after the following rituals are completed: the dealer shuffles the cards, the player with the marked card “cuts” the deck, and the dealer “burns” the cards. Before the cards are dealt, players can bet by placing their desired chips (values ​​and numbers) into the betting box.

Occasionally a player may miss one or two hands for various reasons. I bet a few hands when the dealer was very lucky and they all lost. If you try to enter too many hands, you may be asked to leave the table until you are ready to play, especially if there are people waiting to play at the table.

After all, bets have been made, two cards are dealt from left to right (one at a time). At many Las Vegas casinos, players receive both cards face down. In Atlantic City and most other places, players’ cards are dealt face up. If the cards are dealt face up, don’t make the mistake of touching them. They are treated openly, primarily to prevent certain types of player cheating.

The dealer receives 1 face-down card and 1 face-up card. Here are the card numbers: (10, J, Q, K) = 10 ; (ace) = 1 or 11 ; (other cards) = face value (3 = 3). Casinos can be very noisy, so hand signals are usually preferred for hits, stands, etc.

The rules the dealer must play are very simple. If the dealer’s hand is 16 or less than his, the dealer must take a card. If the dealer’s hand is 17 or more, the dealer must stand. Some casinos allow the dealer to hit a soft 17, which gives the house a lot of profit.The dealer’s strategy is fixed and what you and the other players have doesn’t matter when it comes to hitting and standing.

If you have a pair to split and the cards are dealt face down, flip them over and spread them out a few inches apart. If the cards are dealt face up, point to your card and say “split” when the dealer asks for a card. The original bet was on his one card, and the same number of chips must be placed in the betting box next to the other card. He’s playing two hands just like a normal hand, except you now split two aces. In this case, you only get 1 card, hopefully 10. A 10 would make the hand total 21, but the hand would not be considered blackjack.

Insurance applies if the dealer’s up card is an ace. If the player chooses insurance, half of the original bet is placed on the semicircle labeled “Insurance” printed on the table.

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