All honest online casinos must be licensed. It talks about their honesty, as well as the honesty of playing in an online casino and guarantees all players the payout of their winnings. Licensed online casinos have slots provided by all popular manufacturers of online casino software. Their payback parameters and volatility simply cannot be changed.

Playing in an unlicensed online casino not only puts you at great risk of losing money and withdrawal issues, but also cannot guarantee the security of personal information. The purpose of such institutions and resources is only to win and cheat players so that they can easily sell personal data in order to receive additional dividends. That is why you should play only in the licensed online casinos , information about which will be discussed in this material. Licensed casinos must meet certain parameters and all casinos listed below meet them.

Licensing of Gambling Providers

all online casinos licensed for gambling must use exclusively licensed software, the settings of which cannot be changed and are protected at the software level at Providers must also obtain special licenses for each slot. This guarantees the integrity of the games, which is a necessary rule that must be met by all licensed online casinos and abroad.

How do you know that an online casino is licensed?

This information must be stated on the home page or in the rules that an online casino with a gambling license must follow. The lack of this information suggests that the casino is not licensed so it is better to avoid the risk of being deceived and not registering at this online casino, as well as not making a deposit or submitting payment details. All licensed online casinos must indicate whether they have a casino license, license number and when it was issued.

What are the dangers of illegal online casinos?

Illegal casinos are dangerous because they offer absolutely no guarantees. They can win, but withdrawing winnings is not always possible, may require additional documents and ultimately simply block the gaming account, but at the same time the money in the gaming account. It is also dangerous to leave personal information, as it can simply be sold to third parties or redirected to banks and other institutions.

Illegal online casinos use illegal software, which means that the payout rate is chosen by the owners of the online casinos and can be less than 50% or in some cases 5% instead of 95 and higher than licensed slots. In addition, such a casino can be closed at any time, which will make it impossible to withdraw funds that are in your gaming account.

The end result is that the illegal online casino will win, and the player will simply lose his time and finances without even having a chance to win. Complaining to different bodies and organizations would simply be pointless, as it would be impossible to find the owners of the resources and also bring them to justice or get your money back.

Advantages of legitimate online casinos

Licensed online casinos have a number of advantages, including:

  • Extensive bonus program,
  • Reliability and security of personal and payment data,
  • Round-the-clock support that solves all problems that arise,
  • Large selection of licensed game slots, as well as a variety of popular table games,
  • Guaranteed payout and fairness of the game.
  • When playing in a legitimate casino, players can be sure that all winnings will be withdrawn into their personal accounts in a short time and by any convenient method. In addition, legal casinos allow the use of responsible gaming, which limits the amount of money that can be deposited in the gaming account, or prohibits the player from playing at all.

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