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This fact requires that the delivery of tips is not hidden, but that it is clear enough that it is being delivered, mainly at the gaming tables. Most players are surprised when they visit a casino for the first time to see that the dealer receives this and performs a routine so that the cameras clearly see the amount. Therefore, tips should not be offered in secret, but it should also be noted that it should not be shown to the four winds that a tip has been delivered.

In addition, it should be taken into account that in the vast majority of casinos the tips, when they are directed to the gaming staff mainly dealers, are made with casino chips since as a general rule they cannot receive cash, while to other employees such as waiters can be done both in tokens and with money. The details are usually the best when it comes to knowing how to deliver the tips and the amounts thereof, so observing what the other players at the table are doing can be the best advice, always taking into account the particularities of each player.

In addition, it should be taken into account that there are casinos that serve drinks without alcohol and even free food, a tradition that has practically been lost in almost everyone, knowing that this fact would make the delivery of tips more important for the service. A payment of € 1 per drink or dish in these cases would be convenient. When big casino jackpots are won it is also usually more than usual to leave up to 10% of the prize as a tip, a common fact, mainly by leaving the chips on the table. Money should never be given to the dealer in hand, but the tip chips in most cases should be left on the table.

A tip to avoid paying excessive tips can be to do these at the end of the day, both for casino gaming employees and for service personnel. This fact will avoid unnecessary expenses, plus it is not frowned upon when you are a regular casino player. If you are not a regular player, it is advisable to give tips from time to time since although the game and the winnings will not vary, the deal may be better, in addition to that in case the player at some point needs a small advice will have a better chance of receiving this.

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