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Are you familiar with the basic rules of 5 card stud poker then you will not have big challenges learning and mastering live caribbean stud poker casino game. The only thing you have to keep in mind is that here you are playing against the dealer and not against other players. Therefore, you do not have to think about everyone else’s strategies. The game also gives you a great way to win money, while never getting a boring moment since it is packed with exciting choices. Collaborates with several providers of live casino games, but it is famous evolution gaming that is behind live caribbean stud poker.

The company has created many fantastic live games, and you can try them all here at live caribbean stud poker can be found by visiting the live casino section of the top menu, or by reviewing our progressive jackpot casino games. Yes, live caribbean stud poker has a growing jackpot that we will tell you a little more about in the next section. The poker game has wide betting options and takes place in beautiful, colorful surroundings that reflect the nerve-wracking atmosphere. It’s quick to get started, and after a few rounds you will fall in love with this wonderful mix of games of chance and poker.

Try live caribbean stud poker at now. As i said, live caribbean stud poker comes with a progressive jackpot, ie the jackpot amount will grow continuously day and night until one lucky player runs away with the money. The principle of the growing jackpot is simple – you put a side bet to participate, and this amount goes directly to the joint pot. The more players who activate the bet, the faster the jackpot will grow. To win the progressive jackpot in live caribbean stud poker, you must hit the best possible poker combination: a so-called royal flush, ie five top cards (10, j, q, k, a) of the same suit (diamonds, hearts, clubs or spades ).

Until this happens, the jackpot can grow to gigantic sums, often of several million kroner. Do you dare to try your luck and focus on the hefty poker combination? You also get special payouts for hands like full house, fire like and straight flush. Why settle for less this live table game is played with a 52-card deck. After each hand, it is replaced with a new deck of cards. You place an ante bet followed by 5 cards being dealt. The dealer then receives 5 cards, but you only get to see the first one. You use this to decide whether you want to place additional bets, or fold. This in turn will cause the dealer to show his 4 remaining cards. The poker hand with the highest value wins.

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