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It is interesting to spot trends like the growth of live online blackjack in the gaming industry. More and more casinos are offering the live online blackjack experience to people in the comfort of their own homes. This is becoming a more and more realistic option as the improvements in broadband technology and the expansion of more solid and faster internet connections. So why is it popular?

Well live online blackjack bridges that experience of having the human interaction and fun of chatting to a live person, without that business of getting out of the house and driving to a casino specifically to gamble. It perhaps feels less like gambling than making that decision to go into a casino and have to go through the process of registration. The second piece of interesting psychology is that live online blackjack somehow feels more honest. Even though casinos and their software providers have to go through independent auditing and testing people do feel more comfortable with a live, human being dealing their cards and drawing them from the shoe.

Casinos digital games and live games must both undergo external audits from the authorities before they are declared safe to play. There is no increase in the advantage to the player as the house will still use several decks of cards rather the one, so the famous idea of card counting won’t help the player. Many casinos also offer single seat blackjack with their live dealers, so you feel like you have a personal service. With more bandwidth available to all, it seems like live online blackjack will only grow in popularity as people seek that person to person touch for their gaming experience.

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