If you have not played slots before and you feel it is time, we recommend that you continue reading to create an understanding of this type of casino game. Slot machines have really become incredibly popular lately and they are today the most popular casino games online, this is because slots are not so complicated and it is a good way to keep yourself entertained along with the chance to hit a big win that you have long dreamed of after.

How Do Slots Work?

Today, there are thousands of different castles to choose from when playing online and they all come with their own unique themes, graphics styles and features but in the end, they all work the same way. Most castles today have three to five reels with different types of symbols on them, these symbols change depending on the theme of the game to make it even more exciting to have fun playing here https://www.gamemammy.com/. The goal of slots is to get winning combinations of symbols that are paid out according to a pay table, the better the symbols the bigger the winnings. Slots today also offers bonus rounds and additional features and functions that you can meet inside the game or that randomly appear when you play, this makes it impossible to predict what will happen next. This is called RNG which stands for random number generator and it is something that all serious online casinos use.

Another good thing to keep track of is the volatility of the castles, this to measure how often a slot pays out versus how much it pays out. High volatility means that castles will pay big but not so often while lower volatility means that castles pay quite often, but not so much every time. This is the basis of how castles work.

Bonus Features

The three most common things you will find in bonuses are wilds, scatters and multipliers but today there are lots of different bonus features, some of the most popular are the following:

Wilds: these symbols help you build pay lines and replace all other symbols except bonus symbols. A good example we can use is if you have a star or a diamond on reels 1 and 2 but none on 3, if you then have a wild symbol on reel 3 it will still count as a payline because the wild symbol then counts as a star or diamond. Imagine the wild symbol as a joker in a deck of cards that can substitute for any other card to get a winning hand.

Scatter Symbol: the scatter symbol is the symbol used to trigger free spins or the bonus in a slot, you usually need a combination of 3 or 5 of these somewhere on the reels. You also usually get more spins or a better bonus the more scatter symbols you manage to hit, but all slots work differently so there are no set rules here.

Pick and Click Bonus: this type of bonus is the most common bonus and it is a bonus where your own choices matter. Some casino players think that this is rigged and that it does not really matter which one you actually choose, but many game manufacturers have proven that it is fair. The player is given several different choices where you can, for example, click on things and behind are hidden bonus features, cash winnings and there is often also a button that ends the bonus that you do not want to hit. Some castles such as blood suckers 2 also send you to the next level if you manage to find the right symbol, which contains even better winnings than previous levels.

Multiplier: Multiplier is used in almost all casino bonuses and it is used to increase your winnings a lot if you get high multipliers.

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