There is only one difference between No Limit Texas Holdem and Limit Texas Holdem. Where Limit Holdem includes a preset betting maximum, No Limit Texas Holdem does not include a predefined bet limit—you can bet any amount, even your entire chipstack—on one hand if you desire to do so. For example, if both you and your opponent have $5,000 on the table, and you catch what you believe to be a winning hand, you can go “all-in” and put all of your chips in the pot. In order for your opponent to stay in the hand, he must call your $5,000 with his $5,000. If you win, he’s out of the game (unless you are at a table with a re-buy option), and you have doubled your chip stack. This is one of the reasons that No Limit Texas Holdem is such a beloved game—the action can prove to be very dramatic and lucrative. You can’t double up like that in Limit Texas Holdem.

Game Tactics

No Limit Texas Holdem poker is a much more technical game than Limit Texas Holdem. No Limit Texas Holdem involves more skill-based tactics, and these skills are better used at No Limit Texas Holdem tables because there is more money to be made, especially when an experienced No Limit player is up against an inexperienced opponent. What this means is, the difference between these No Limit players has more impact in a No Limit Texas Holdem game than it would in a Limit Holdem game. The ability to bet varying amounts at any time to either make an opponent question the prospect of his hand, knock him out in one swift shot, or bluff him out of the hand is the underlying theme of No Limit. Making a big mistake in a No Limit Texas Holdem game has a much stronger impact than the same mistake would have in a Limit Holdem game.

Another important factor in No Limit Texas Holdem is psychology. It’s plays a much bigger role than it does in Limit Holdem. No Limit Texas Holdem requires a much more aggressive play style and any hand can win, if a player uses the right psychological strategies. In Limit Holdem, the best hand usually wins because most hands make it to a showdown. One important goal of a No Limit Texas Holdem player is to play a hand in such a way that his opponent misreads the hand and loses large amounts of his chip stack at one time.

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