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Blackjack is an exciting card game that most people can learn in a short time, and even if it is to some extent chance that decides the outcome, it is still possible to be involved and influence a lot yourself. You can learn to play smart and you can use simple strategies to increase your chances of winning . It is not at all about advanced game strategies, but it is simply about making the right choice both before and during the game. This applies to blackjack both at online casinos and live. If this is not the case at the casino you have chosen, you can at least get a nice welcome bonus.

When it comes to playing blackjack, it’s not just your own game that matters. Which table you choose to sit down at actually also matters, a fairly large one as well. Different payouts are applied to different tables, so you can actually say that your choice of table determines how much you will win. If you look at payouts at blackjack tables over the years, most have given a payout of 3: 2, but today a number of other alternatives are starting to emerge. 6: 5 is a payout level that you can see at several blackjack tables today and this is not as good as traditional 3: 2.

It is even worse if it says that profit gives the payout 1: 1. By looking at this before choosing a table, you can ensure that your income in the event of a win will be as good as possible. Another factor that definitely plays a big role is how many decks of cards are used at the game table. As you probably know, the casino always has a certain advantage over you as a player, but you should in turn make sure to make this advantage as small as possible. A game with more decks of cards further reduces your chances. Usually the casino’s advantage is 0.17% in blackjack games where only one deck of cards is used.

Compare this with 0.35% if two games are used, and the advantage then increases with the number of card games used. With these numbers at hand, you will probably realize that it is wise for you as a player to look for tables where you can play blackjack with just one deck of cards. Try your hand at bonus money if you feel a little insecure and are relatively new to blackjack, it may be wise to try different game strategies at the expense of bonus money to begin with. When you register as a member at an online casino, you can sometimes get a free bonus to play for, a no deposit bonus also called.

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