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When you register with an online casino to play with real money, you are required to deposit cash into your account for gambling purposes. This is one of the many things that people new to the gaming world have concerns about: Internet fraud and hackers getting their personal information. Most transactions done nowadays – including personal checks – are done via the Internet or via electronic funds transfer (EFT). Security measures have been put in place to keep anyone from getting your personal and making sure that they are unable to track the information to your account.

Deposit and withdraw your winnings with confidence by using any of the following methods, and know that both your money and your personal information are safe and secure. Neteller is an Internet wallet, a place where you can deposit, withdraw, and transfer money to as well as pay bills online. If you need to make a payment somewhere or send money to someone, Neteller is the secure way to do it. They are backed by VeriSign, an online security company, and they are free for anyone to use. Funding your account with Neteller will speed up the process considerably.

While there are some casinos that have had luck with credit cards, you may or may not be able to fund your account with your Visa or MasterCard. You can try. Fire Pay is similar to PayPal. You can fund your account directly from your checking account. It is a free service to pay with or send funds to other members and merchants that recognize and use Fire Pay. The only time there will be a charge is when you transfer your money from your Fire Pay account back into your bank account.

Click2Pay allows you to fund your account with them from your Visa card, ACH, ELV, Diner’s Club credit card, direct debit, and other options as listed on their website. Anyone using Click2Pay to fund their casino account will be able to do so in American Dollars, British Pounds Sterling, or Euros. If you are looking for a transaction service that deals with foreign currencies and you do not live in the United States, then look into setting up an account at Citadel. They have proven to have the best track record for accounts that are not in American Dollars.

Moneybookers, like Neteller, is an Internet wallet account. What is really nice about Moneybookers is that you can send money to anyone who has a registered e-mail address regardless of if they have a Moneybookers account themselves. They have a list of over 3,500 online shops that accept their services and you simply register your debit/credit cards and bank information one time into your account when you fund it in order to use it over and over again.

Other depositing methods that online casinos may take include bank wire transfer, ACH (automatic bank transfer directly to the casino and only available to American players), 900Pay for telephone transactions, prepaid ATM cards, and money orders. If you currently use Duo Cash for online transactions, you will need to open an account with one of the other options as the casinos have stopped accepting this option.

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