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In the past, most people believed that casinos were run by the mafia. A lot has changed today. Casinos are now controlled by huge companies which are often listed on stock exchanges. They operate like all large companies and have boards, presidents, vice presidents and members. To approve a casino game you must go through the board that approves the games. The slots are tested and tested in laboratories to ensure that the odds of winning are fair to the players. In real, land-based casinos , it is the vice president who oversees the casino strategy. Report directly to the casino president.

The casino manager is responsible for the day-to-day running of the casino. For example, it sets the limits at the tables, manages the staff and also trains the employees. Many managers build their own rating system for everything that happens in the casino. They usually also have assistants who take action when they are absent for some reason. Casino tables are organized into groups which are also called pit. Each pit has a manager who controls all the games played. He has to see if the rules are followed and if the group players play well with the players.

There are various floor managers in the casino. They check all the casino staff every minute but are also responsible for recording statistics for players. They also record every payment made to the players. As in the pits of the tables there is a manager so in the slots there is a manager per group of slots. He monitors both the players and the technicians who intervene in the slots. There is also a slot technician who is responsible for correcting any minor issues. There are also brand managers in the casino game.

When someone needs chips for tables or coins for slots then he goes to those managers who are usually at special counters. It is especially important for every casino to have its players happy. That is why it is not at all rare to give coupons to good players for free food, drinks or even free accommodation in the casino hotel. Drinks are special, almost always free for players. There are surveillance and security departments in all casinos. The surveillance department is responsible for all the cameras in the casino while the security department intervenes when there is a problem with the players and the casino staff.

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