The one from casinos aims to attract new customers. To make this bonus, registration is always required and then given to the player. In short – if you take it, you are already a customer of the casino. From there, they hope that after you play it, you will make a deposit and become a regular player.

The only no-deposit promotion is provided on Palmsbet and it is a bonus recommended to a friend. If you recommend a friend and he makes a deposit, the casino will charge you a prize. Then you will receive a no deposit bonus.

Free spins

Free spins without deposit – we are waiting for this offer to come as well. No matter how much nonsense you read on the sites – there is no legal casino that offers it in the way of foreign casinos. There, a few tweaks are almost always added to the first bonus to make it more interesting.

You can get them from the loyalty program of a casino, but they are ultimately after a deposit.

The serious license of the best online casino

License is a word of Latin origin, which means permission to perform an action. It determines the specific activities and conditions that are allowed. Failure to comply with them automatically revokes the permission to perform the specified activity.

The license that an online casino operating on the territory must have must be issued.

This means that other online casinos are illegal for gambling in the country! If you play in one without a license, you risk your own money. The casino focus team has selected for you only safe and legal online casinos and you should not worry while gambling. In case you find a casino unknown to you, we recommend that you look for information about its license, which is usually at the bottom of the site.

License from Curacao

Another popular license is the one from Curacao and we have already tested several casinos for our site that own it. In my opinion, they are no different from others, there are even cases where they offer a greater variety of games.

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