In this segment, we have already discussed the basic rules regarding the technical aspects of playing video poker at an online casino. In today’s article, we intend to discuss some of the differences between several of the most popular variations of the game, which can be found at most online casinos. The common link that binds all types of video poker available at the online casino is the fact that they are all predicated on the rules of five-card draw poker. What separates them is the types of paying hands and the availability of wild cards.

In some cases, the name of the video poker game can tell you a lot about the hand you are shooting for. One of the most common video poker games, which can be found at virtually any online casino, is Deuces Wild. From the name alone, it’s pretty obvious that this variation of video poker allows the use of wild cards. The rules for playing Deuces Wild at the online casino indicate that 2’s are counted as wild cards, therefore they can be utilized for constructing a winning hand (hence the name Deuces Wild).

Aces and Faces is another popular version of video poker played at online casino sites. As the name suggests, the payout for a hand comprised of four-of-a-kind Aces or Faces cards (i.e. Jacks, Kings, and Queens) pays better. Jacks or Better is yet another fan favorite at the online casino. Sticking with the naming convention, the objective of this video poker game is to collect a pair of Jacks or better. By “better”, we mean a better ranking hand according to the payout table.

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