In the online casinos licensed not only you will find multiple variants of the roulette game, but all of them will be based on the two classic versions roulette casino game. Both variants work on the same set of rules, the only difference being the appearance of the double zero (00) in roulette, in addition to the other 37 numbers (0-36) present in roulette casino. However, the odds do not change, so it is easy to deduce which game is more efficient for the player. You will certainly have lucky sessions, in which you can win large sums, but the pitcher will not go to the water very often.

In the case of online roulette casino, the advantage of the casino is 2.70%, while in the case of online roulette it increases to 5.26%. Although it seems small, you will feel the difference in your budget quite quickly if you choose the option with a bigger house advantage. Our advice is to always choose when you have the possibility of online roulette casino, for the best results. Basically the odds on roulette casino are the same as on the one, but the chances of winning are higher.

Analyzing the odds offered by each betting option from those listed above, but also the chances that those bets will become winners, we do not need advanced knowledge of mathematics to draw some very useful conclusions. Obviously, the most tempting bets are those with high odds, which can enrich us, but realistically the chances of this happening are very small. By placing bets on a single number or split in particular, you have a low chance of making a long-term profit.

It is thus recommended to place especially double odds bets, which offer you chances of winning almost 50% (the difference up to 50% is covered by the possibility of the ball falling to 0). We refer to three basic options: red / black, hair / odd and 1-18 / 19-36. And for maximum chances of winning it is important to apply a suitable betting system. Only with an optimal strategy can you realistically think of a profit from this game. I will specify from the beginning that no system is infallible and i warn you to never pay for a system that promises to beat roulette. There is no such thing and in addition the betting systems cannot change in any way the chances of winning at the table.

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